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Managing Adult ADD with a Florida Neurologist

Managing Adult ADD with a Florida Neurologist

Defining and Managing Adult ADD with a Florida Neurologist

Many people are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) in their lives, but how many know the signs or have seen them in themselves? The symptoms that adults experience often vary from those found in children. In children, those with ADD are less likely to be picked on by classmates. They may get better grades than the general population; however, their attention span is shorter and thinking correctly at all times becomes more challenging.

What is ADD/ADHD

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ADD is a disorder of the brain. Most symptoms are not due to a physical problem with the brain but rather a problem in how the brain can communicate with other body parts. ADD/ADHD is most often diagnosed in children. However, it can be seen in adults as well. To diagnose it, requires understanding about what causes its symptoms.

Adult ADD is different; commonly referred to after the 1980 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), are not necessarily the same. In adults, there is a lack of focus on a particular task and an inability to see something from any angle but their own. This can be overcome by rephrasing instructions to allow for varying perspectives.

Treating Adult ADD with An ADD Florida Neurologist

Adult ADD is commonly treated with Ritalin and Cylert (to control appetite). Adults who have been diagnosed with ADD will more likely than not experience mood swings and self-doubt. This can be fixed through getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, taking vitamins, and physical therapy. Proper treatment for adult ADD will not cure the symptoms but allows the person to function in society more appropriately.

ADD/ADHD can be treated in various ways. The first step is to see a neurologist who can diagnose and describe the symptoms.  Not everyone with ADD will have the same symptoms, so it may be essential to describe in detail all of the present signs. ADD/ADHD can be treated through psychotherapy, medication, and even a variety of things that are not always thought of as treatments. There is no single way to treat all individuals with ADD/ADHD. Not everyone needs therapy to function in society.

Causes of Adult ADD

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Although it is not entirely clear what causes ADD/ADHD, a few factors are believed to be responsible. Genetics most likely plays a role, but the point of view on this subject varies. Evidence suggests that if one child in the family is diagnosed with ADD, other children may also have it. However, others believe that genetics do not play any role in causing ADD or ADHD at all. A study has shown differences between the brains of those with ADHD and those without, but there are no known brain scans for those with ADD/ADHD.

The symptoms that most people with ADD are very aware of is their inability to pay attention to tasks or directions for very long periods. This can make someone feel like they’re losing their mind or being bad at something when it’s just a mental block that needs fixing through proper treatment.

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