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Do you feel an uneasy sensation in your head that it might suddenly blast? Migraine Specialist Fort Lauderdale defines migraine as an intense headache in one portion of the head. So, if you are going through the same pain. Here’s all you need to know.

What is Migraine?

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Migraine is a medical condition; a type of recurring headache that majorly affects one part of your head with throbbing pain. Most migraines come in three stages-

  • Aura- a visual disturbance

  • Attack- the onset of a headache

  • Post-drome– an aftermath of a migraine

Migraines treatment Doctor Fort Lauderdale has reported that the attacks depend on people. As some people only experience the attack and aftermath, that is, without an aura period.

Migraines can affect both genders and all age groups. However, significant headaches are more seen in women than men and children combined.

While pounding pain is the prime symptom of migraine, other symptoms might also contribute to the headache. These include

Also, migraines specialist Plantation reports weakness or numbness on one side of the face. As we mentioned, no two people suffer from a similar migraine. However, effective migraine treatment in Fort Lauderdale can help you in diminishing the frequency and severity of attacks.

Common Types of Headaches

Aside from migraines, there are different types of head pain. These include:

Out of all these headaches, neuralgia is a condition that arises due to damaged nerve pain. It can occur on any part of your body. However, when it affects your face, it is called trigeminal neuralgia.

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Best Treatments for Migraines and Headaches in Fort Lauderdale

If you are going through excruciating pain in your head, Dr. Jeff Steinberg will review your symptoms as well as medical history to determine headaches treatment Plantation. You must evaluate your symptoms and describe them clearly to the doctor including the situations that cause it to find the right headache treatment in Fort Lauderdale. Often, certain situations or conditions can add up to the progression of symptoms which is an important factor in diagnosis.

Once Dr. Jeff has a clear idea of the type of your headache, he will create a Migraines Treatment Plantation plan to meet your situation and goals. For starters, he addresses the issue by understanding the situation causing it. However, he also recommends treatments to reduce the frequency of headaches. These include

In case, if you are suffering from neuralgia, Neurologist Fort Lauderdale Dr. Jeff might also recommend a surgical option to reduce the pressure on your nerve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treatment for migraine headaches?

Migraine treatment near me Doctor Plantation specifies different treatment methods for people. Some people with less severe symptoms can see changes by only lifestyle changes. On the other hand, others might require medications. The treatment plan and action depend on the severity of your headache.

How do you get rid of migraines instantly?

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that can make your migraine go instantly. However, you can always improve your symptoms by consulting a migraine specialist near me like Dr. Jeff Steinberg to reduce the symptoms and frequency of headaches.

What is the best doctor for migraines?

The best doctor for migraines is the one who understands the issue on a deeper level. Someone makes an effort to get into your medical history as well as other conditions causing it. So far, a migraine specialists near me Dr. Jeff is the best in this regard as he creates his treatment plan by understanding the needs of his patients rather than prescribing medication.

What medications does the ER give for migraines?

Migraine treatment includes a dedicated set of medications called Anti-migraine which includes medicines that help in making your condition better by reducing the headache.

You can visit our migraine specialist Dr. Jeff Steinberg to improve your headaches. You can reach himĀ hereĀ and discuss your migraine treatment plan.

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